Xbmc not updating library on startup

This is the same as calling "Update Library" from within the Video menus of Kodi.

There are a few options you can tweak regarding how often you want the scanner to run.

If you get a listing of your cron entries or a message that says "no crontab for [username]" then you can skip the optional next step of installing cron.

(Optional) Install Cron: You should now see a blank, command prompt version of something similar to Wordpad.

This editor is limited to the Cron style syntax for scheduling.

The path you select must already be in the video database and have content selected. Enabled this will turn on scanning for the Music Library.

Standard Timer Specify an interval to run the library update process.

It will be launched every X hours within the interval unless on of the conditions specified by you as been met (don't run during media playback, etc) in which case it will be run at the next earliest convenience.

Please note that this is just a fancy timer that calls out to the normal Kodi Library Scanning functions.This option wouldn't work for me though as I leave my box on 24/7 or at most just put it in a standby state.See below for the details on how to setup a timed job (cron) to update your video or music library.All of the processes associated with scanning are all handed off to Kodi.Enabling this will turn on scanning for the Video Library.

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Custom Paths Custom paths are a special advanced feature for the Video library.

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