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Instead, they suffered violence for years afterwards.

Pave has always seen unmarried teenage girls and young women who described dating violence or being battered while in live-in relationships, and until now all were counselled individually.

Both were now professionals, and they were together for a year and a half, including about five months when she lived with him. He would get incensed over small matters, fly into a rage while driving if another motorist got in his way, and scream at people over the phone.

He has slapped, punched and pushed Dhershini many times during their two-year relationship, including in public, in front of their friends and when she was five months pregnant. "He can apologise so well," she says with a laugh, when asked why she stayed with him through all that.For between four months and three years, they lived with their boyfriends and were subjected repeatedly to physical attacks on top of being abused verbally, having vulgarities hurled at them and being controlled in extreme ways, right down to having the men decide what they wore, whom they met or spoke to on the phone, whom they befriended on Facebook and, for one woman, when she could go to the toilet.Their boyfriends included two doctors, two businessmen, a fitness instructor and a couple of full-time national servicemen."Nobody is bad 24/7 and it was possible to fall back on my good memories with him and carry on," she explains.Dhershini, 20, the youngest in the group and still a student, has an 11-month-old son with her 21-year-old boyfriend Jason, who has just completed full-time national service. "He is really a very nice guy who cares for people and animals," she says.

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