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"They've never felt that sense of community, and don't realize that it was missing from their lives until they found it." Loving Day may be changing that, though: It is currently the world's largest network of multiethnic community celebrations, Tanabe said. And if anyone can make this knowledge and acceptance happen, Buchanan noted, it's millennials, who she said she believes "are the best generation because they have been raised with less prejudice than other generational groups," she said.Millennials, she added, "have the unique experience to really get to know their significant other with the love and support of their families."Tanabe, Buchanan and countless others around the world will celebrate this hope and love on Friday. Donna Pinckley documents the struggle of mixed raced couples in her ‘Sticks and Stones project." data-categories="[923, 14267]" data-tags="[3813, 2812, 5285, 17431, 12431, 1552, 15470, 32, 3846, 4705, 5623, 17432]" data-id="66212" We don’t live in a post-racism world.This extraordinary collection of images celebrates these brave couples in history who had the determination and courage to love on their own terms - in the face of extreme injustice and hardship.

Jack was a successful boxer and a performer for theatre companies.Today, 87% approve of interracial marriage, according to the same poll."But I always wonder," Tanabe mused, "What about that other 13%?Until the late 1960s, it was illegal for interracial couples to marry in most states across the U.S., but that changed June 12, 1967, when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the fittingly named Mildred and Richard Loving, effectively and rightfully declaring that love can, should and does transcend race.

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