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, Marc may finally have come to terms with the fact that his fling has turned into girlfriend.

Tahj Mowry first appeared on the television screen from the series, Who’s the Boss as Greg in 1990.

The actor made an appearance in movie ‘Rappin' N’ Rhymin’ and Full House in the next year.

However, that fragile stability is shaken up when Marc learns Jen (Nora Zehetner) is getting kicked out of her apartment and needs a place to stay and kind of has her eye on Marc’s empty bedroom to house her stuff. Unfortunately, though, Marc, likes his dusty yoga mat – and his independence.

After mulling it over in a very Marc-like way, he ends up feeling okay with Jen moving in, so long as it’s they both agree that – since they’ve only been together for six weeks – this is a bad idea.

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His single status has provided a foundation to suspect that he might be a gay, but he hasn’t shown such particular trait until now which resemble gay orientation.

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