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Another young dog suffered a blood clot after official dog catchers fired a four-inch nail between his eyes.

She was then left to survive alone - until Paws2Rescue came along and found her'Our rescuers here in Romania, along with the vet, are talking to prosthetics manufacturers in the UK with the aims of fundraising for these and he should then be able to lead a reasonably normal life.' Brutal: Officials say that the equivalent of millions of pounds have been spent on dealing with the problem of strays but critics claim it is inhumane, feeds corruption, conditions in the shelters are often ‘horrific’ and that dogs can die a ‘painful’ death Horror shelter: ‘Romania's dog shelters are nothing but death camps of the worst kind with no consideration given to the fact that dogs are “sentient beings” who feel pain, fear and distress,’ said one organisation that reported on the treatment Amazingly, some of those rescued that have lost legs are able to live comfortably with families who have adopted them, including Mandi, the dog whose back legs were severed in June 2015 when tied to a tram track. Rescue teams hope that a new home can be found too for Braxton, the young dog who is recovering from surgery and appears to have no lasting physical damage after a nail was fired between his eyes in the town of Moinesti.

Families: One of the things Paws2Rescue does is match the dogs they find to new families - Angelica is one of more than 1,150 dogs have been rescued, treated and found new homes in Britain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Canada and the United States Struggle: Despite the support of the public, without help from officials in the country, the charity finds that they can't operate as efficiently as they could if they had their support - which means not being able to save as many dogs like Angelica as they would like'He stayed at the vet for a short while for his treatments and to help his skin improve, and after that he was kept in a special enclosure at the private shelter to complete his rehab with fresh air and good food.

They are among the thousands who undergo a 'life of hell' on the streets of Romania - where it is not unusual for dogs to be attacked, tortured, or simply left to starve Cruel ending: Even the dog shelters, where people assume the dogs should be kept safe, are little more than 'death factories', as dogs rounded up on the streets have just two weeks from capture until they are collected by slaughterers and then killed Horrific: This puppy was found in one of the government-run shelters, suffering a skin complaint. Other volunteers working with British registered charity Paws2Rescue describe finding dogs killed with poison, kept with dead canines and one even tied to a train line so the legs were severed Inhumane: The charity Paws2Rescue has been successful in closing several shelters, including one in Bucharest described as 'shocking' where autopsies on 13 dogs showed they had been poisoned and died in agony'We have seen quite appalling, harrowing cases of dogs that have been beaten and bloodied, slashed with weapons, stoned, driven down by cars and left to die and, sometimes, few people in Romania's towns and cities seem to care.

The risk and insurance executive from Sutton, Surrey, who travels monthly to Romania, continued: 'Our aims are to rescue dogs from the streets, public shelters where they can be officially killed after 14 days and from shocking conditions while increasing the awareness of what is happening in Romania, a fellow member of the EU.' Sacks or boxes of unwanted puppies are regularly hung to the fence of the shelters they operate with local partners in the Romanian capital Bucharest while others have been chained to the gates or just thrown over them into the compound.

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There is hope this little one will survive, however Gruesome: Just this weekend, volunteers rescued a puppy that had been shut in a deep freezer beside the bodies of other puppies (pictured).

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