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Reproductive isolation may arise as a by-product [4-11Al.

Canton-S/UAS Te Tx (Bloomington #2887) and Canton-S/Or69a-Gal4 (Bloomington #10000) were used as parental controls.

Pheromones are released into an atmosphere that is filled with environmental, habitat-related odorants, some of which manifest mating sites and food sources.

The response to sex pheromones and food or habitat olfactory cues (kairomones) falls under sexual and natural selection, respectively.

Inset: mass spectrum of the most abundant female-specific compound ].

This led us to hypothesize that the production of mono-unsaturated aldehydes with a double bond in position 4 was linked to oxidation of di-unsaturated cuticular hydrocarbons.

The sensory drive hypothesis reflects this interconnection and predicts that adaptation to natural habitats and food resources creates a sensory bias for sexual signals that match habitat features [].

A tentative explanation for the significantly reduced attraction response of ], and the interaction between these input channels with Or69a may be sexually dimorphic.

Last, but not least, attraction to habitats involves many other odorants that may further modulate attraction to ).

Oxidation of 7,11-HD is expected to generate two saturated aldehydes, heptanal and hexadecanal, and two unsaturated aldehydes, )-carvone (8) and Z4-11Al (10).

Alignment of these ligands illustrates shared structural motifs.

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The twin receptors Or69a A and Or69a B facilitate adaptive changes in ligand tuning, without compromising the established functional role of the Or69a channel.

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