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To pinpoint further you can search for the manufacturer with the US copyright and patent office.

Preforming a TESS search will let you know when the company or line began and ended.

More information to apply for OR search RN information is found here at the Federal Trade Commission. There has been a formula that helps to date a RN number for clothing from 1959 and later. RN numbers were first used in 1952 – 1959 and listed using numbers 00101 to 04086 (3 to 4 digits without counting the 0 in front) 1959 they began a with the a new series of numbers starting with 13670 (5 digits) Anything under the number 13670 is pre- 1959. The formula is not exact and other factors should be applied when dating the age of a piece.

The RN was registered that year but may be used again.

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Beginn eines Dialogfensters, einschließlich Registerkartennavigation, um ein Konto zu registrieren oder sich bei einem bestehenden Konto einzuloggen.

Although, in 1970 the label changed to Red, White & Blue and added the MADE IN USA to help promote the line with increased competition from the Imported market.

Use something you own to compare measurements for accuracy.

Sowohl für die Registrierung als auch zum Einloggen können Google- und Facebook-Konten verwendet werden.

Mit der Escape-Taste kann das Fenster geschlossen werden.

Bold color and pattern) Take the RN 35385 subtract 13670 (1959 starting number) this = 21715 divide that number by 2635 (average issued numbers per year) which equals 8.2 – round down to 8 for the difference.

Add that number or 8 in this case to 1959 and we get 1967.

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Here you can search the FTC database to give you the manufacturers name and address of business. Some manufacturers complied earlier than that date anyways showing content before requirement took effect.

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