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The basis for Alevis' most distinctive beliefs is found in the Buyruks (compiled writings and dialogues of Sheikh Safi-ad-din Ardabili (eponym of the Safavi order), Ja'far al-Sadiq (the Sixth Imam), and other worthies).

Also included are hymns (nefes) by figures such as Shah Ismail or Pir Sultan Abdal, stories of Hajji Bektash and other lore.

Some sources (Martin van Bruinessen and Jamal Shah) call Alevi "a blanket term for a large number of different heterodox communities", and includes Arabic speaking Alawites in southern Turkey, and Azarbayjani speaking Turkish in the eastern province of Kars "whose Alevism differs little from the 'orthodox' Twelver Shi`ism of modern Iran".

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One such viewpoint is that of the Ishikists, who assert, "Alevi" was derived from "Alev" ("flame" in Turkish) in reference to fire which is extensively used in Alevi rituals and as a reference to the Magian origins of the Alevi laity.

It also refers to baptism in the fire of the holy spirit and to God as a consuming fire.

Flour from Anatolia is used in the pides and lahmacuns while the cheese seen in many of the dishes has been hand-picked by our team of Turkish chefs.

SPG MEMBERS: 20% DISCOUNT"Great Turkish food - I recommend the manti, it's the best dish on the menu, but all of the mezze are fab.

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