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I just demystify the process." After a client applies to work with her, Jones evaluates their applications and accepts only clients who she feels largely have their careers and health in order, and are ready to turn their attention to dating — roughly 40% of applicants.

That was way more exciting and appealing to me." So she went out and hired a life coach for 0 a month, who helped her figure out what she wanted to do next. Jones finished training as a life coach in the summer of 2013, and started working in Los Angeles with mentor and coach Adam Gilad.

Since the launch of Introverted Alpha, Jones has coached 24 clients.

She estimates she spends about 50 hours a week on her business.

If you are considering selling your business please fill out the contact form below or contact us at (914) 738-9350 or [email protected] a confidential consultation.

We sell businesses with annual revenues between 0,000 and Million.

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