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A new graduate's passion, eagerness to learn, and hunger to challenge the status quo drives our company forward.

That's why we are committed to ensuring that graduates not only benefit from great compensation and benefits but, more importantly, work alongside proven, successful industry veterans who have pushed Bio Ware to the highest ranks of the gaming industry.

Additionally, all our interns are treated like established members of the team and contribute as much as regular employees.

She’s the former socialite turned novelist who’s putting the ‘it’ into ‘lit’.

I have been tempted to have implants – I gave my heroine in the book the breasts I have always wanted – but until I am with a guy who says ‘Give me a pair of big breasts’ I am not going to bother. I was unbelievably homesick; I don’t think I stopped crying for the first three months.

My parents didn’t know because they don’t let you home for the first term – it’s quite tough.

When I was in rehab in the US they were really shocked by that and put my parents down for abandonment.

But I never blamed my parents because I knew they were just trying to give me the best start.

Develop your skills with training through the EA University, which provides customized programs for every discipline from Art to Programming and beyond!Single – but currently sharing her London base with ‘super dude’ Bobby Sabel, 25 (model and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant) – she opens up about her new nose, her devotion to the Duchess of Cambridge, the creative secrets behind her new novel Infidelity, and the release of an accompanying downloadable ‘soundscape’ album Music From and Inspired by Infidelity..But then I was lost in space for 13 years and if you subtract those years I am still in my 20s.Besides, I am still buying Clearasil spot cream for teenagers.When I stop needing that maybe I will start worrying about ageing. These days my forehead moves up and down of its own accord and there are lines around my eyes.

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  3. You shouldn't be concerned by a word they say," I suggested, remembering from my own experience that high school could be hell. But the constant teasing and ridicule is exhausting me, and no one stands up for me because they don't want to be targets too," she said, clearly upset. "Well, unfortunately I didn't inherit that trait," she said, looking down at her own, rather flat, chest, which I thought looked lovely on her ultra-slender body. My boobs are much more a burden than a perk." "How? "They're heavy to carry around all day, which is why I have back problems," I said. are you bored with the same thing day in and day out?