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The most common types of show in this subgenre are programs that investigate paranormal occurrences, such as , which focuses on hunting down famous mythical creatures like Bigfoot.

Travel/Aspirational Since most audiences can’t afford to travel to the Caribbean for a vacation, many of us settle on enjoying these destinations through the our television screens.

We’d manifest our nature on channels 401 to 499 as surely as do puppies, ocean, and sky.

We’d do it marrying, arguing, staring at the wall, dining, studying our feet, holding contests, singing, sneezing. Well, we’d plug them in and leave the tape running for our real life.

I think this is wrong, and very possibly wrong for a whole number of reasons. From the top ten celebrities, to the highest paid stars in Hollywood, everything can be turned into a list. While there’s no official list of reality television subgenres, any producer would define reality television with a certain genre, to help scope out potential.However, there is a lot of potential for disagreement with such assessments, since the judgment is subjective.The utopia of television nearly came within reach in 1992, on the day cable providers announced that cable boxes would expand to 500 channels.Back then, our utopian idea rested on assumptions both right and wrong.

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