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The Police of Australia met with the people of the boat, and once they had all had massages on the beach from some nearby aborigines, then it was down to business.

As the Asians arrived, they brought food,which the bogans tried to scab at and this caused a war.The prisons were very crude, and the sound of bells was used as a deterrent to crime, although just what that means no-one has ever worked out.Other countries, however, viewed Australia as a tourist resort and Europeans came by the thousands - and after having had sex in Australia's drinking water supply - sunbathed on the pristine white beaches.In 1978, a giant boat arrived on the shore of the Island, loud disco was booming out of it, but no one got off the boat was several days until the army was called.Once on board the army found a large group of sleeping party people. This is believed to be the origins of Australia's Gay Scene.

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