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If your partner is letting your flame slowly burn out it could be what they’re waiting for.6. Tumblr We’ve all seen it in the movies — the partner who’s having a secret affair or hiding feelings from their partner. If you notice your guy or gal sneakily checking their phone, quickly logging out of Facebook, going out with unheard of friends or not sharing their plans, then it's time to consider the bigger picture.

I’ll teach you simple shifts in your words and body language that help you connect to a man where it counts… Fortunately, I was able to develop my own relationship Tools and save my marriage. In my love and relationship newsletter I share all of my secrets, insights and Tools to help you attract the right man, inspire him to fall for you and to commit to you.

If you see these signs in your relationship, don’t panic. Tumblr Breakups are tough, and some people find that actually telling their partner that they want to call it quits is too hard.

Instead, proceed with caution, focus on reconnecting and work on the areas of your relationship that need a little bit of extra love and care. They choose the path of avoidance rather than being direct and honest about their feelings.

Sure it may just be a phase or an outlet for some bigger issue, but if there is no logical reason for your fights then it could be that your partner is creating the drama for another reason: to leave you. When a person is unsure of a relationship, or is considering calling it quits, it’s common to slowly reduce the amount of contact they have with their partner.10. Gifrific If you don’t remember the last time you heard a simple “Thank you” or “You’re the best” then you may want to question if your partner appreciates you.

When a person is halfway out the door it’s normal for them to justify their actions by denying how great their partner actually is.

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In other words, to feel better about their self they'll stop recognizing your efforts and love.

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