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Starring Anne Heywood, Peter van Eyck and Cecil Parker.

NBC's dramatization of Aldous Huxley's classic novel.

I thought it was still quite watchable and did not detract from my enjoyment of this under-rated adaption. (Also available in a full-frame Cantonese language version with no subtitles.) Rated RHilarious mess about 3 clones that go after Bruce Lee's murderer or something. To study lost sexual morals and customs, people watch vintage films in secret.

Calamity Of Snakes (Ren she da zhan, 1982) WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE ENGLISH LANGUAGE WITH JAPANESE SUBTITLES OFF TO THE SIDE Directed by William Chang Kee, Hong Kong A construction team unearths thousands of deadly snakes at a posh Hong Kong resort. With a goofy gratuitous nude beach-water frolicking scene and an abrupt ending that makes you scratch your head real hard. Rated R (aka NBC Experiment In Television: The Cube, 1969) Directed by Jim Henson, USA Hard-to-find teleplay directed by Muppet master Jim Henson! In this "new" world, no one is a virgin after thirteen.

Joi Lansing is the snatched up by the lecherous primate! The whole mess ends up in a wildly manic kung fu and gun fight against the scientist and his men! A scientist keeps the brain of a dead business tycoon alive after a plane wreck.

The brain grows psychic powers and takes control of the scientist using him to find the killer!

Slatzer, USA A horny yeti kidnaps bikini clad girls for breeding purposes! He also fends off the local village against vampire creatures and an evil scientist. The Brain (aka A Dead Man Seeks His Murderer aka Over My Dead Body, 1962) Directed by Freddie Francis, UK Another black & white version of "Donovan's Brain" this time from Hammer director Francis.

The dinosaurs and giant monsters (some of whom talk!

) are done with live puppet effects, while the humans are animated.

Well, if you liked that scene, then you may love this movie, which features an entire island full of hundreds of little buggers that seem to be close cousins to said jungle mo'fo'.

This low-budget period piece film tells the story of a group of people surviving a luxury liner shipwreck only to be stranded on an island full of the horrible aforementioned "beast creatures"!

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