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I had tried endless fixes, including the obvious ones, and none of them worked.Your site is a real benefit so I've joined and you will receive a donation from me. I have a Lap Top on which Win 7 home is running and a desktop on wich XP Prof SP3 is running.I created a new one with the suggested value, stopped and restarted the service and the network now shares files on my main computer with my two laptops.Briefly I should say, my main computer could send files to my laptops, but all folders on the main that I would share did not show up under the workgroup and the laptops, of course, could not access any resources on the main, except for the network printers.These error messages on a computer, which we will call computer A, can indicate the IRPStack Size bug on the other machine, the server that has the share, which we will call computer B.Go to that other computer, B, open the event log, and check for event ID 2011.

If you find the time to experiment, please report the lowest value that worked.

If you have such a case, please report your findings here. It does not mention Windows XP, but applies to XP as well.

Antivirus Software May Cause Event ID 2011 (Q177078) Thanks Hans!

Make sure also that you haven't by mistake added a leading or trailing space as described in this comment below.

With base set to decimal, enter the value 16 or higher.

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