Windows automatic updating

In order to modify the Windows update option click the Change settings in the left pane. Here you may change the way Windows 7 download and install updates.Configurable option include Important Updates , Recommended updates , Who can install updates and Featured update notifications .Surprisingly enough, searching for this upgrade in the Store doesn’t return any relevant results.After making the purchase, it will be delivered through the Store update mechanism.

This offers an easier way to provide the proper operating environment for clerks in the warehouse, which is different from what the accountants in payroll see, and which differs from what the corporate executives use.It is part of Active Directory and was rolled out to the public with Windows 2000.There is also a local version that can be used on some editions of Windows, generally Professional and higher.To do so, open the Store, click/tap on your user icon at the top of the screen and click/tap Settings.Here, the App updates section is not grayed out and you can turn the selection for “Update apps automatically” on or off.

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