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Nobody would talk to us after that, so we spent the evening going up to people with cocktail dip hidden in our palms and shaking hands with them."... Chuck was working on some new songs and asked The Rebels to back him in the studio.

Among the trio's favourite pastimes was cruising Beverly Hills or Bel Air in search of lawn jockeys whose faces had been painted white by guilt ridden millionaires and movie stars. He asked Tom, Rickie and John to help him produce the material." Waits, Weiss and Jones had become close friends in 1978.

On July 7 it reached 4th position in the American Top-40. Waits had released 6 albums with only minor success, he needed a change. Things I saw as a little girl convinced me I need to be this way to survive.Morris renamed the club Ebbet's Field in honor of the Brooklyn Dodgers ballpark near where he grew up. I met Tom when we were both sitting at the counter of the little coffee shop next door to the club. Bighead [Body often referred to Weiss as "Bighead" because that’s what he once heard Muddy Waters call him] was a mentor for all of us in a way. I gave him a job at the Troub and I think he lasted a month.' Waits by contrast was faithful to alcohol and nicotine and certainly steered clear of heroin... He was on the scene and all that but he knew when it was time to work. Waits being the beatnik hipster, already earning some early success with Small Change and Foreign affairs.They featured bands such as: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker, Little Feat, Emmylou Harris & the Hot Band. I was wearing a chinchilla coat and 3-inch platforms and I thought he was just some bum folk singer. lived in Chicago for a while and subsequently moved to Los Angeles (Silverlake section) but eventually moved to the Tropicana. The reason for Weiss to move there was a little greasy-spoon diner next door called Duke's. That's why I moved there, because I was driving from Silverlake to there every day to eat, and I thought I'll just move there.." ..." About seven-eight months later Tom moved in. He smoked like a chimney and once in a while he'd do a couple of lines, but Tom wasn't a druggie, I'll say that for him I could never fathom what he was sellingl I didn't regard him as having any talent whatsoever except self promotion promoting his own celebrity. For lack of a better word, Tom wanted to be a star. He had no organizational skills and no direction Tom Waits and Rickie Lee Jones first met late 1977. And Rickie Lee Jones being the beautiful beret wearing beatress, having her first success with her self-titled debut album.Not as choked up as when Cypress Hill sings 'Rock super star' tell me what happened when you lost clout no fans no change nor respect and everybody shits on your name. On April 7, 1979 Jones appeared on The Saturday Night Live show (performing " "). He was fed up with the music industry and its money oriented business men like Herb Cohen.Within a couple of months Jones scored a hit with the single: "Chuck E's In Love" (which is about Chuck E. He was disappointed, disillusioned and trying to get a grip on life.

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She is much older than I am in terms of street wisdom; sometimes she seems as ancient as dirt, and yet other times she's so like a little girl." In September 1978 Waits released Blue Valentine.

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