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An hour-and-a-half after our plane should have taken off, we wait impatiently at Gate 1 as a drunk fellow passenger with a vast beard is frogmarched away by security. With no cosy hotel room to retreat to and not hungry enough for a full meal, we opt for the obvious alternative: the ludicrously luxurious Majorelle bar in the Lowell Hotel.

Day-trips to New York don’t really allow for delays. ) We’re taking photos of steam billowing out of manhole covers. After all, if we’re saving £300 a night on a hotel room, we can splurge on a couple of cocktails.

At a push, if you’re feeling really crazy, perhaps Paris. And partly because plane tickets have always been so pricey — generally more than £500 return.

In any event, the flight schedules have never really made it feasible. Budget airline Norwegian is now offering day-return tickets to New York from just £259. We never seem to sleep anyway, so what does it matter?

But as she walks in, the cheerleading squad looks anxiously at her, and one of them says, “Jen and Sarah never showed up at school today.”“What? Tiffany taught Jennifer Bolduc and Sarah Hajney to cheer, and her first thought is that the girls, both juniors on the squad, are off somewhere on a lark. But she’s a very determined person.”“Jen is always doing funny things,” says Amanda Burdick, a fellow cheerleader, “and she’s smart. I never once heard her talk crap about people.”Sarah Hajney is an adorable little version of a Botticelli Venus.

In the summer, the Purple Lions of Dryden High ride out to the fields and the ponds and build bonfires that singe the boys’ bare legs and blow cinders into the girls’ hair. The girls are practicing their cheerleading routines and the boys are developing great packs of muscles in the football team’s weight room; everybody laughs and everybody roars and the fields around town look like they’ve been trampled by a pride of actual lions. But sadder still is the fact that Scott’s older brother, Billy, a tall, dazzling Dryden athlete, as loved and admired as Scott, had been killed in a car crash almost exactly one year before. But little does anyone dream that Scott Pace’s death will be the beginning of one of the strangest high school tragedies of all time: how, in four years, a stouthearted cheerleader named Tiffany Starr will see three football players, three fellow cheerleaders, and the beloved football coach of her little country school all end up dead.***At a home football game, Friday evening, October 4, 1996, three weeks after the death of Scott Pace, townspeople keep talking about the team and the school “recovering” and “pulling together,” but the truth is, nobody can deal.

It’s the City That Never Sleeps — and we certainly didn’t, nice though it would have been, just for a minute or two.

Lessons have been learned — we didn’t even manage a proper meal, for goodness’ sake.

At the end of Fargo, Frances Mc Dormand’s police chief, Marge Gunderson, captures the psycho played by Peter Stormare. Not that Dryden doesn’t look like the finest little town in the universe—with its pretty houses and its own personal George Bailey Agency at No.

He’s in the backseat of her police cruiser and she talks to him as she drives. 5 South Street, it could have come right out of It’s a Wonderful Life.

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