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She vaguely mentions incidents rather than directors’ names at a public talk on filmmaking by women, recalling inappropriate comments made in auditions, such as advising her to wear more revealing clothes. But I ask if, looking back, she feels she had too much fame too soon?

Sevigny plays Alicia Johnson, the American confidante of Kate Beckinsdale’s Lady Susan.

“I was too judgmental and too scared,” says Sevigny. I turned down one of the films because there were a lot of sexual things, and I didn’t want to do that again." Arguably, Sevigny is still one of the coolest girls in the world.

She looks fabulous in a short blue dress and matching hat – although she laughs at the suggestion that this inimitable, constantly praised style must come as an offshoot of fashion designing.

See more » Though the series is set in the 17th century at the early period of Louis XIV's reign, the setting of Versailles is inaccurate due to the building in present state not bearing resemblance to any of the 17th century vestiges thought up of Louis XIV.

See more » This king was a showman, not an insecure philosopher, spectacularly controlling, not a bit shy. You might start with a makeover of the look and let the acting follow.

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Initially Sevigny was displeased when the decision was made to make her character American: “I found it hard because I had studied the lines in a British accent and when I got to Dublin for the shoot [Stillman] said 'I want to make her American, I think it will be funnier and there will be a character for the American audience to grasp onto', and he was right.” But she’s not a fan of the number of Brits playing Americans. They forget the jazz.” When she mentions music, I tell Sevigny that when I spent time in New York in 2003, I would always see her out in clubs. And I pull out a Smiths night in a pub that used to happen on Sundays.

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