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Now the singer-songwriter is back with her first independent album via Conchord Records, also home to Leela James, entitled "The Sellout." Gray is also reviving her acting career with a role in Tyler Perry's upcoming film, "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf." Macy chatted with about her career path, raising three teenagers, and finding Bobby Brown all from the comfort of her daily bubble bath. It's wonderful to speak with you again, how did you choose Conchord Records as the new home for "The Sellout"? It's a very frivolous industry and people like you when you're up, but things weren't going well for me.MACY GRAY: [Conchord] were really big fans of the records I played them. There are a lot of politics when you're on a label and most give your record the first couple of weeks [after release] to do well and if it doesn't happen, then...We've already remixed "Beauty in the World" and released those versions in London.The video is pretty and we shot it down at Watts tower, there's cheerleaders and roller skates.I love being in the studio and I was doing it with my own money.I hired all of the artists and musicians and I had no label to answer to.Related: Listen To The Christmas Queens , she spreads the message of peace and love while touching on gun control, health care, education — and of course throws a little shade Donald Trump's way!

GRAY: Bobby did a song called "Real Love." I was recording in Tarzana, California and he actually came to the studio, since he doesn't live far, and knocked out his recording in two hours.Face Forward is a charity dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence gain a fresh start and leave the scars of their past behind them by providing pro-bono reconstructive surgery and a community of support. Nelly, La Toya Jackson and Sugar Shane Mosley were just a few of the celebrity contributors in attendance, and they were treated to a special night. [ We're glad he's still able to keep his spirits up despite enduring so much tragedy.Bobby Brown has obviously been going through a lot of tough family issues ever since his daughter Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in her bathtub on January 31.They were this little company that I could tell put a lot of energy into their work and I could get the best chance to record a great record. I was on Interscope and they have a ton of artists... ESSENCE.com: 50 Cent once said that when your album sells well, it's everyone's victory, but when you flop, it's just your fault.GRAY: That's for sure, it's always the artist that takes the fall.

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