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Though not a stranger in front of the camera, this movie marks the feature film debut for Rihanna, but it would take another 6 years before she would really surprise audiences by appearing almost unrecognizable as a sailor following all the rules in her next film: Battleship. The second movie, in my opinion, was pretty poor, it just tried too hard and didn't flow at all.That being said, this film was definitely a step up from the second one, and actually an entertaining movie.It seems that the movie is trying to appeal to the older male crowd a little more than before.Now, the movie has been getting a lot of trash for being a straight to DVD sequel, but it really is not as bad as people would make it out to be.The hazel-eyed, dreadlocked California native has released a couple mixtapes but most recently dropped his highly anticipated In 1983 Vanessa Williams made history by becoming the first Black woman to be crowned Miss America.She can credit that feat to her stunning good looks and beautiful blue eyes.On a mission to find out exactly what her genetic make up was, the “Ugly Betty” actress had her DNA analyzed several years ago and found out she was 13% Finnish and 11% southern European.Light eyes run in the Williams’ family; her brother fellow actor Chris Williams also has blue eyes. Trained in opera before moving on to jazz and blues, the “Bleeding Love” singer gained international recognition by winning the third season of UK’s “The X Factor” in 2006.

With his chiseled jawbone and light blue eyes, Ealy has been romantically linked to Halle Berry and rapper Eve.

This movie has more profanity and prejudice then the other films.

The ladies in the film are also showing more skin and dancing more sexually than either of the first 2 movies.

Part Barbadian, African-American and Mexican, the former “Single Ladies” star caught a lot of flack in 2012 for endorsing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Using her platform to express her conservative views, Dash also criticized Jay Z and Beyonce for their 2013 trip to Cuba.

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