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There is nothing in their tool-kit that enables them to take command or handle making decisions.

This position would absolutely make the situation untenable, as their make-up prevents them from behaving in the necessary capacity.

Snake isn’t good at standing up for himself, that means conflict, and they avoid that at all costs.

Their tendency to deep and contemplative thought can sometimes manifest as being completely lazy, their cautious nature driving them to inaction.

With a strong second in command they can be quite effective, as long as they are left to the business of handling people and diplomacy.

That being said, the Snakes can serve rather spectacularly in the capacity of a second in command.

They are wonderful visionaries, their intuition and ability to think in the abstract allowing them to handle the fuzzier aspects of their work with finesse.

If one is open to keen observation and advice from those that possess the ability to give it, then working with a Snake is absolutely the correct course of action to take.

She has been in 10 celebrity relationships averaging approximately 1.3 years each. Best of all, Snake as a co-worker is immensely easy to get along with.They’ll always be affable and willing to sort out any difficulties with a minimum of conflict.But that is provided the one who’s actually in charge is strong of mind and will to overcome the snake’s characteristics of fluidity.Chinese Snake zodiac sign as co-workers are incredibly effective provided that the ones they are working alongside are capable of keeping the Snake driven and on task.

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The Chinese Snake zodiac sign‘s vulnerability allows them to feel out the sensitivities of those around them, knowing their attitudes and how to act to prevent certain reactions among them.

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