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By age 15, he stepped into a gym for the first time to add some size for Rugby, and never looked back.Flex Lewis won his very first bodybuilding competition, the 2003 EFBB Jr. Wales, where he met the man who became (and is still) his coach, Neil Hill.I’m honored to call Flex a friend and a Weider athlete,” says AMI Chief Content Director Shawn Perine.When asked about re-siging with AMI/Weider, Flex Lewis had this to say, "It was an honor to sign with Weider at just 23 years old, and to have Joe Weider personally welcome me to the family.' before feeling his biceps Piers responded: 'Eye of the tiger Flex' as he snarled while Flex said: 'This is pretty off-putting.'In the end it was Flex who proved triumphant by demolishing Piers who screamed 'Ahhhh' before walking off.Thirty-three year old Flex Lewis (his birthday is today, November 15th!Is Jose being punished or is it judging incompetence or even are the Middle Eastern guys bringing in a lot of money and they get the 50/50 calls?The judges need to be changed up more to avoid competitors placings at every show being almost predetermined in the judges minds before a pose is hit.

At first, he secretly lifted his father’s weights when no one else was home.

I can’t thank AMI/Weider enough for their continued support.

Here’s to another great year both on and off the stage!

Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of Lewis' biggest idols as a child.

One day, when Lewis was home alone, he had scouted his father's shed and came across plastic weights, that his parents disallowed him from using. Wales 1st Place At the 2014 Arnold Classic he became the first man to be presented as winner of the 212 class.

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