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This is the second marriage for both Knowles and Lawson.Knowles and Lawson started dating back in 2013 after Knowles got a divorce from Beyoncé’s father Mathew in 2011.

Jay Z, Blue Ivy, and Solange Knowles were also among the approximately 300 guests in attendance.The photos Mama Knowles-Lawson posted were of the two newlyweds celebrating their one year anniversary and they received a lot of love and well wishes from fans, but many have been wondering whether or not Tina’s babies’ daddy, a.k.a. Beyonce’s daddy, Matthew Knowles, was a tad bit jealous watching his former wife of 31 years gush like a lil’ teenager in love for the first time over her new husband, who many women wish they had by the way.We don’t know for sure if Matthew is jealous or not, but these love pics sure can cause any ex to be so.Despite her attempts to bounce back, most people won’t allow her to live it down. For most of us, the idea of our parents posting anything to social media and it going viral is enough to induce some major anxiety.

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