What does xm updating mean

Plus, you’ll get local traffic and weather and more, no matter where you drive.

Explore Sirius XM Channels Get started streaming Sirius XM and make the most of your trial at siriusxm.com/allaccesstrial Trial Subscription Ending? Call 1-855-236-9236 to add a new radio to your account, cancel service on your old vehicle, or apply any unused credits to your new vehicle’s service.

Our new-to-us 2007 Chrysler Town and Country has a factory radio/CD/cassette that is (was? It was not an important feature to us, but we have gotten mail and email from Sirius XM offering six months free.

I called their number and did the procedure at the vehicle that is supposed to activate it. Some weeks later I tried again, again without success, and they told me my receiver needed to be "upgraded" and to contact my dealer. I would ask Sirius XM but I think their phone people are taught a script and don't really know and/or won't really level with me. It should have display screen that gives it's status. If you don't see any of that, then the receiver in your car is not working. I have found a number of satilite antenna failures on Chrysler products. In some cases the satilite receiver had become corrupt and it was necessary to remove the fuse for ten minutes before activating the Sirius signal.

Streaming Online and on the App Listen to your Sirius XM favorites outside the car by streaming your service online and on the app – it’s included in your trial subscription.

Exclusive Talk & Comedy Get entertainment and talk radio programs you won't find anywhere else.XM has two Boeing Satellite Systems International satellites that transmit its signal to cars and homes across the country. These two satellites replaced the original XM satellites, Rock (XM-2) and Roll (XM-1), which suffered technical problems and have since been powered down -- though they serve as backups if needed.The satellites are called Rhythm (XM-3), which launched on Feb. Rhythm and Blues are positioned in the same relative locations as their predecessors, over the east and west coasts in stationary geosynchronous transfer orbits (see How Satellites Work to learn about orbits).The biggest names and brightest stars, plus politics, lifestyle, family and laugh-out-loud comedy.Every Major Sport Get live play-by-play of every MLB®, NFL and NBA game, listen to Fantasy Sports Radio, plus get every NASCAR® race, NHL® games and coverage of the PGA TOUR®, college sports and more.

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and the i OS version wasn't exactly a looker to start with.

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