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When we finally swim away and board the boat to return to land, we feel very etheric and lightheaded.

We experience a quiet peacefulness, serenity, a heightened awareness of Beauty all around us, and a deep feeling of inner joy and gratitude.

Often these bases are located near areas of deep-water basins, such as the Puerto Rico Trench not far from the sanctuary of the Humpback whales in the Caribbean that we visit every year.

(Seminar: Whales of the Caribbean) Recently (2010) information has been released about underwater and under seabed bases in the area of Puerto Rico that are known as Seagates.

When my friend, Kinsley Jarrett drew pictures of space ships equipped with large pools for cetaceans, I knew he was depicting the scenes within the ships exactly as he had seen them and exactly as the dolphins had explained them to me.

Remember that the oceans and seas cover about three quarters of the surface of the globe (71%).

This is a very well documented case filling more than 400 pages of a book called Commander Graham Bethune, U. Navy (retired) was flying his military plane from Iceland to Newfoundland on February 10, 1951 when he saw a UFO coming out of the water. He worked in the code room of the communication station in San Francisco.

We often swim in and out of this huge floating plasma ball for 2-3 hours.If you look at the large windows around the outside of the ship, you can see whales passing by. Kinsley drew the scenes within the ships exactly as he had seen them.It was significant to me because the dolphins had communicated to me in the past that they are in contact with extraterrestrials and they enter the underwater vehicles to communicate information about the oceans to the ETs.Many of us on the Big Island have experienced large, transparent, sphere-shaped Balls of Light as big as a ballroom, while swimming among the dolphins.These spheres are near the ocean's surface when we see them. We notice the dolphin pods of proximately 150 dolphins swimming close to shore.

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Here are 2 of the pools he subsequently drew and faxed to me, knowing about my life with cetaceans.

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