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In a 6-3 decision handed down Thursday, the Washington state Supreme Court said that Eric Daniel Gray, of Spokane, who is now 22, was indeed guilty of second-degree child pornography, even though he was the subject of the illicit photos.

Gray was convicted on the charge in August 2012 after sending a woman who used to work for his mother a picture of his erect penis.

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Luckily, desire for physical pleasures doesn't depend on the tits' size and these gorgeous babes prove it to their fans.High Heels Everybody knows that high heels make girls much more sexier but many cuties prefer comfort to beauty.Here all girls wear only high heeled shoes and sandals.'Because he was not a minor sending sexually explicit images to another consenting minor, we decline to analyze such a situation. In her dissent, Mc Cloud said punishing a minor for child porn could not be what the law intends, which was designed to protect children.The majority's opinion 'means that a 12-year-old girl who is groomed or lured into taking and then texting explicit depictions of herself to an adult can be prosecuted for succumbing to that grooming,' Mc Cloud wrote.

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