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In fact very rarely does anyone even have a mic on.maybe its cause am doing ranked games or have the webcam setting switched off.The default absence intensifies the human presence, lending the images an almost theatric quality as Ringley (or her cats) entered the ‘set’. webcam as a technology that above all provides a digital window into another real time and space, thereby conjoining the actual and the virtual.” — Steve Dixon, “Webcams: The Subversion of Surveillance” in ‘Digital Performance’ (2007) “It was its serene unpretentious banality, its innocent and tedious ordinariness, which left Jenni Cam standing apart and which made it the idiosyncratically effective theatrical event it became…” — Steve Dixon, “Webcams: The Subversion of Surveillance” in ‘Digital Performance’ (2007)was run by an (initially) unknown individual instead of a corporation or institution.Ringley also refused advertisements so the site remained as a simple window without imposing anything onto the viewer.

Every 15 minutes, viewers would see a snapshot of current happenings in Ringley’s apartment.

Shortey, a former Republican state senator from Oklahoma City, was charged in federal court in September after a months-long investigation that started in March 2017 when he was found in a Moore hotel room with a 17-year-old boy.

Police were called to the Super 8 Motel in the early morning hours of March 9th for a welfare check. "Well, drug related, maybe," replied another officer. Either here for narcotics, or prostitution for narcotics." "Like the kid’s prostituting himself out?

Furthermore, did not separate the private and public spheres, baring both the mundane and intimate, as it was, to a global audience.

Is it ironic that although technology has greatly improved since Jenni Cam’s days of low resolution interval images, and we can share snippets of life on-the-go, many online posts are now filtered, glamourised, and possibly less authentic? (2007) “Webcams: The Subversion of Surveillance” (pg.

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Yeah, this one," as the video cuts off and picks back up to when the door opens again.

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