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The Reseller Partner program is for companies who already provide clients with AI-related products and services.

With Passage AI’s support, you can leverage your staff’s sales capabilities and extend your product portfolio with minimal risk and little expense.

Here are some of the benefits you will realize when you add our AI/NLP based chatbot solution to your product portfolio: Passage AI is looking to work closely with companies in our ecosystem to provide an integrated and differentiated solution to our customers.

The Referral Partner program is for companies that sell IT software and/or services and want to add AI/NLP-based chatbot solution to the sale without investing in additional resources.

I haven't been this awestruck since I saw the first i Phone.

The social network is shutting down its virtual assistant chatbot, which uses a combination of human contractors and artificial intelligence software to answer queries and perform tasks for people in Facebook's Messenger app.

You may want to build one if certain queries could be handled in an automated way. This type of assistant can even be programmed to have a little fun. Try telling Siri, “I see a little silhouetto of a man”; the response especially tickles me when delivered in one of the Aussie voices.) The Soul Machine’s intelligent personal assistant, Nadia, is an experimental avatar designed by a team in New Zealand and Australia. If you talk with Nadia, “she” sees and hears you, adapting her answers according to your tone and facial expression to fit your presumed emotional state.

A successful implementation, according to the UX Booth article, can have the following benefits: The Mastercard chatbot, which communicates via text messages in Facebook Messenger, answers questions that don’t need to be handled by a person: How much did I spend in restaurants in September? Here’s what Nadia looks and sounds like: Sign up for our weekly Content Strategy for Marketers e-newsletter, which features exclusive stories and insights from CMI Chief Content Adviser Robert Rose.

“They created a custom chatbot for us that guides prospective students to the right courses and Nanodegree programs, matched to their career goals and skill level.

It's like peering into the future of mental health supports and services.

It's genuinely exciting and amazing to see something like this in action.

Modern retail needs to deliver exceptional customer experience.

With Passage AI, your customers will have everything from the store locator, to product search, to shipping notifications, to returns at their fingertips.

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