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(Hint: in the direction of great sex.)Sign up for a credit card affiliated with an airline, because it's time to rack up the frequent flyer miles: "Too much distance can lead to more misunderstandings, loneliness and possibly an unnecessary disconnect," Moheban-Wachtel says."Unless financial stress, exams or major life obligations are a concern, plan to visit each other every weekend or every other weekend."Old-style traditional letters are great, even with surprise gifts," she says.

Sure, everyone knows how to Skype, but do you schedule regular date nights with your partner that are a bit more involved than just a "hey, wassup" via video chat? “'Go to a movie' together by watching a movie at the same time and texting comments," she suggests.

"Although the physical connection isn’t as prevalent, there are things couples can do to keep the spice alive in their relationship across the miles."Some of it is pretty practical: Be sure to have frequent "date nights," travel to see each other regularly, and keep your sext game on fleek.

But she also includes some other concepts — things like trusting your partner and sharing fantasies with each them — that are incredibly important in any relationship, and vital to keep an LDR going strong.

Couples in a long-distance relationship become expert sexters sooner or later — sextperts, if you will.

This is a good thing, Moheban-Wachtel says: "Not only is sexting normal when you’re separated by distance, it’s also healthy.

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Keep the spark alive and maintain a sexual connection with pictures and shared fantasies." It's fun to change it up in this realm by incorporating Snapchat and other photo/video apps, so as to keep things playful and keep each other excited and interested.

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