Very large butt dating

Honestly, you do look overweight (but not obese, as you said), but that's not enough for it to be a dealbreaker.

The main thing that matters is that a person has an attractive face, which you seem to have.

So I'm considered pretty, i guess, but i do have a butt and hips. but then i see very large women with loving husbands Having that pretty face is a huge advantage, seems to make sense to mold a healthy lifestyle to go along with it at your age, so that other parts of you don't become a dealbreaker for all those healthy fitness guys out there that want to see that face up close.. I'm thin but I have a booty and my hips flare out...

and i'm not like obese but i'm definelty not skinny. IF you don't have an extreme excess to get rid of like many online who seem to have given up on themselves, then it may only take about 6 months or so to get back into the fit shape you can be proud of and be back to being a heartbreaker again... You mean you have EXCESS skin/fat in places, correct?

Taking care of yourself by being active and healthy is far sexier than sitting around getting bigger and bigger and questioning why the men you desire don't desire you.

Maybe find a larger guy and start a work-out routine together for motivation. Things like – Over all proportions, Attractiveness, Femininity, Elegance, Grace, Care of her appearance………the list goes on.

When I came back to the US, at a size 8, I am pretty much "average".

My HONEST opinion (as a guy): First, it is hard to answer because you talk about your body but only show pics of your face.

I am VERY slender so I tend to gravitate to women my size or less.

But I would say the cut-off for me as far as obese goes is that the girl doesn't weigh more than I do.

I see a lot of girls on here complain about double standards though.

You'll feel better OP and be more confident with yourself! To be completely fair; my wife gaining weight after we've been together for a while is quite different than initiating a new relationship with someone overweight. Since this is a constantly variable equation there’s no short and sweet answer.

Being overweight is totally within your control to prevent and repair. I’ve seen REALLY big girls on here that were/are STRAIGHT UP FOX’s because she takes time to do her hair nice, her makeup, dresses well, is graceful ect ect.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Looking at your pictures, you're absolutely beautiful, don't worry about it. I am considered average looking, so some men have issues with my lack of prominent lips and chest and maybe my knobby nose (nobody has dared to say my nose is too wide...yet! I tend to gravitate toward those who find *me* attractive rather than trying to convince someone I am.

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