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The boat is still powered by the same engine today.It requires a new bottom, but is a very worthy boat with a decorated racing history.Because of it's age and design it should be a good boat show entrant and is a very worthy candidate for a simple restoration project. M White canoe pre dates the purchase of the company by the Old Town Canoe Company. The hardware is original and freshly nickel plated.The acorn gas cap is polished brass and the boat is offered with 4 original chairs.it was also equipped with a new aluminum fuel tank, restored steering wheel and instrument panel. Boat has been fully restored, still has it's original wood decks.It offers the very rare optional rear windshield and has all of the correct fittings and original 95 HP six cylinder Flathead Hercules engine. engine has been rebilt, all restoration was professionally done. This beautiful Duke has been in the same family for about 15 years.She was completely restored before going into the water in 1997, refinished again in 2016. The boat has mahogany decks and transom and includes an original 4 cylinder Buchanan "Junior" engine.

The boat has scored 98 at the Clayton Boat Show and is correct and perfect in every way. Billy Johnsons Disappearing Propeller Boat Company went bankrupt in 1924.It has also won Best Pre-War Chris Craft at another prestigous Show. This boat was completely restored in 1998 by Dale Tassel in Mount Dora, Florida. If you have been waiting for a 20 foot triple in great condition, this is it. His new company , incorporated in 1931 as Port Carling Boat Works, began building the famous Seabird boats.This boat pre-dates the Seabirds and is one of very few built under the Billy Johnson name.Built by a couple of Cornell grads in the late twenties and originally powered by a huge Hall-Scott this is a wonderful example of custom craftsmanship.Only 20 feet in length and easy to handle and trailer to shows and destinations.

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His boats are known for the high quality of craftsmanship and custom hardware. She looks like an ordinary runabout from the outside, but fire up the engine and the side exhaust will tell you otherwise!

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