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A conforming SGML document must be either a type-valid SGML document, a tag-valid SGML document, or both.Note: A user may wish to enforce additional constraints on a document, such as whether a document instance is integrally-stored or free of entity references.In SGML, the entities and element types used in the document may be specified with a DTD, the different character sets, features, delimiter sets, and keywords are specified in the SGML Declaration to create the concrete syntax of the document.Although full SGML allows implicit markup and some other kinds of tags, the XML specification (s4.3.1) states: Each XML document has both a logical and a physical structure.Both start tags and end tags may be omitted from a document instance, provided: Elements defined like this have no end tag, and specifying one in the document instance would result in invalid markup.This is syntactically different than XML empty elements in this regard.As a document markup language, SGML was originally designed to enable the sharing of machine-readable large-project documents in government, law, and industry.

Tag-validity was introduced in SGML (ENR WWW) to support XML which allows documents with no DOCTYPE declaration but which can be parsed without a grammar or documents which have a DOCTYPE declaration that makes no XML Infoset contributions to the document. Integrally stored reflects the XML requirement that elements end in the same entity in which they started.

SGML processors need not support every available feature, thus allowing applications to tolerate many types of inadvertent markup omissions; however, SGML systems usually are intolerant of invalid structures.

XML is intolerant of syntax omissions, and does not require a DTD for validation.

The SGML emphasis on validity supports the requirement for generalized markup that markup should be rigorous.

(ISO 8879 A.1) An SGML document may have three parts: An SGML document may be composed from many entities (discrete pieces of text).

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Although the markup norm is using angle brackets as start- and end- tag delimiters in an SGML document (per the standard-defined reference concrete syntax), it is possible to use other characters—provided a suitable concrete syntax is defined in the document's SGML declaration. (NOTE: A concrete syntax might change this rule via the NAMECASE NAMING declarations).

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