Validating identity on belkin wireless router

First of all, malware can easily detect the presence of debugger with various tricks.

Another fundamental problem is that because malware run in the same security domain with debugger, they can potentially tamper with the debugger, and prevent it from functioning correctly.

Hadoop is in use at many of the world's largest online media companies including Facebook, Fox Interactive Media, Linked In, Powerset (now part of Microsoft) and Twitter.

Hadoop is entering the enterprise as evidenced by Hadoop World 2009 presentations from Booz Allen Hamilton and JP Morgan Chase. What do I do if I discover it on a network I am testing?

Hadoop has also been elevated to the "cloud" and made available as a service by Amazon and Sun. When Hadoop development began in 2004 no effort was expended on creating a secure distributed computing environment.

In 2009 discussion about Hadoop security reached a boiling point.

Unfortunately, all of the above drawbacks are unfixable in the current architecture.

We conclude the talk with some live demos to show how Virt-ICE can debug some real malware.

The developers behind Hadoop decided they needed to get some of that "security" stuff.

After a thorough application of kerberos pixie dust Hadoop is now secure, or is it?

" It's time to stop being a Cyber Douche and start being a positive contributor.

Learn some truth, look behind the curtain, bust some FUD, Oh - and make government agents have kittens. Microsoft has implemented lots of useful functionality in Windows that they use in their own products.

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