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I tell her hey this may not be the best idea but she insists she has so much travel she’ll be doing she’ll hardly be there plus it’s booked and she’d have to pay a massive fee to change. Has more than one crying session about me making her feel like she’s “not a guest”.Everything is about her even when she literally lit the kitchen on fire – really tho, big fire (really long story).Long story short, she’s always been a high achiever but also immature and VERY emotional/needy.There’s some deets behind that but I won’t get into it.No one in my family is helpful and basically have all sided with her in a very “I don’t want to get involved but…” way. Some of our mutual friends have stopped speaking with me as well and it’s hard to enough maintain contact with the distance even without this drama. If you could just tell your side of the story then maybe…I think I have some details on the BS she’s telling people but it’s so long I can’t really fit it all in here. B) Your sister is not on your team (and isn’t going to be). This is a possible story about what happened, emotionally speaking: You and your sister grew up in a viper’s nest of manipulative people.

With me being so far away I can’t defend myself and I’m feeling really isolated (I’m sure that’s her intent). If your relatives could just understand, maybe they could help you fix it.

This is putting us under considerable financial strain.

Please pay ($Total) by (Date) via (Preferred Method). Filter emails from your sister and family members who have been jerks about this situation into their own folder that bypasses your inbox.

She takes up all my additional time and is so HORRIBLE even my new burgeoning friends notice how mean she is to me. In hindsight it was like she took every script out of our mother/family’s emotionally abusive playbook and threw it at me and I should have kicked her out. She kept asking my husband and I to pay for things on our card because “hey we’re booking together it’s easier to just do it at once” and she’d pay us back.

Also at one point her wallet was stolen/lost and she had to get new cards sent ect which took a while.

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Recipe for disaster I know (now) but I also know how much she makes (ALOT more than me – we’re talking mid 6 figures) and that she would definitely be able to pay back.

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