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And use of the app, though a little troublesome and weird, did result in two serious courtships.“I’m not complaining, it’s a good thing,” Ciardi said.

She is one of a growing number of people relying on dating apps and sites that just a decade ago came packaged with a stigma.

“It feels like literally everybody is emotionally unavailable (for deeper relationships).”Michael Schumacher, a 26-year-old Charleston native and College of Charleston graduate, came out as gay at 17 and found his first boyfriend at 18.

He said he’s had his fair share of flings and some sustained relationships, too.

Now, he’s single and looking for a committed partner, though he is not using any apps at the moment, he said.“It takes away from the organic dating scene I’m seeking,” Schumacher said.

But for a while he was, and getting 20-25 matches a week, though only engaging with one or two people at a time.

J., had been untangling her life from her ex’s, feeling sad and wondering what to do.

About 5 percent of Americans in a marriage or committed relationship said in 2015 they found their partner online. The online dating marketplace is enormous, and getting bigger. S., the industry generates approximately billion in revenue each year, according to NASDAQ.Hubbard is even more skeptical of dating apps than Ciardi.“The whole dating app thing feels kind of gross,” she said. I like connecting with people on an actual human level.”And the Charleston dating scene is small; everyone seems to know everyone else, which can make it a little incestuous, she said.“Our generation, we just want everything instantly,” Hubbard noted.“Tinder and dating apps are a result of that.” And that can cause problems.“All my friends had it.”She had heard her share of horror stories, so she decided to be “super-selective.” Unlike many users who want a lot of matches, Ciardi received only a few each week, rejecting most of them.She has only dated about one in 10 people with whom she matches on Tinder.“My mom is very concerned I’m going to get murdered.”But she hasn’t run into any serious trouble, only one or two angry fellows who didn’t appreciate her lack of interest.

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