Updating the nav101 sd card

To better help new members, I'd like to see the majority of 2Din (double din units) appear in one thread. To make a request for help, the Mods need to know the following: 1) the name of your unit 2) a link to the manufacturer's site or where you bought it (manufacturer's link preferred) 3) Operating system (OS) of the unit, i.e., Win CE5.0 4) What GPS program did it come with?5) Your computer system and how familiar you are with un RARing zip files Initial posts not meeting those requirements will be deleted. Hi, I bought a chinese 2 din DVD GPS system for passat. But i had to reset it due to an unexpected issue (no sound at all for radio, ipod, movie etc). zodiax Quote: Originally Posted by zodiax Hi, I bought a chinese 2 din DVD GPS system for passat. But i had to reset it due to an unexpected issue (no sound at all for radio, ipod, movie etc). A couple of questions for you: 1) Do you have a full back-up copy of the SD card?if the system accessing it is shut-down improperly - that can corrupt files or directories.2) If you have an file, that needs to be renamed as i GO8 3) If your SD card has a 2577 directory, chances are i GO8 was installed to the main memory of the 2Din hard drive.Some more details frm Mfr website: "The navigation hardware used in our products adopt the famous CPU of Samsung 400MHZ processor, 64 MB SDRAM,64 MB Flash ROM, GPS chip is the latest high sensitived--- Global Sat model with 12 channel "All-In-View" tracking navigation system, precise and suited for every conditions. Adopt the sharp HD TFT LCD Screen with the solution 800*480 (Sharp LCD screen) B. Dear gpac I do not know of the existence of Philippines map for i GO. I suppose Garmin XT is a possibility, but please do ask again in the Garmin forum : You are not allowed to view links. As a mod for the i GO forum only, I do not have the power to move your post to another forum.

Now if I may I have a few questions 1 How many resets have you done 2 Does it have one or two SD card slots. I quote from the following website as to what I am saying. This is the one and the same unit with different resolutions. Key Features: Built-in GPS navigation system Digital 7" 16:9 800*480 TFT LCD motorized touchable Monitor GPS Dual zone function (Listen FM/CD while GPS navigation) Built-in Bluetooth i Pod control function Steering Wheel Control Auto Dimmer (Standard/bright/soft/customer video mode) Play DVD/ Div X/MP4/VCD/CD/MP3 Built-in TV Receiver (PAL Color System) Built-in FM/AM/RDS Radio RDS receiver (useful for European customer) Built-in 4*50W Amplifier Super Bass output 5.1 Mode 1 AV Output (3 Zone) 1 AV Input Car Camera input Support CDC function (SANYO) Electronic Anti-Shock Protection Special Function: According to the original car design, without crack installation, dont cut line and only need to insert the socket into the original plug when you install. I say that because if you used the normal version then you probably have a lot of stuff you don't need (since it was a full version set up for more than one resolution). One of them allows me to move and resize the screen slightly. TOUCH SCREEN works fine for dvd, radio etc but not for GPS. Very nearly invisible to most people but the very observant.

Made a folder and saved all files under my documents a couple of days ago. --- DVD Navigation system shows a Path \storagecard\But I don't see any kind of on SD Card. With most of the Chinese 2din and single din large screen manufacturers there are two different resolutions output. Do not opt out of the calibration until it leaves the message completed. If it is easier to remove one of your battery leads than to get to the device plug then you can do that instead. __________________ Yoff A quick question: where do you guys install the magnetic gps antenna? How is the reception then since it cannot have a clear view to sky inside the dash?

But i have found and downloaded NWDsoftware from this forum You are not allowed to view links. Should i just unzip and transfer the and other files to original SD Card and give it a try then? xtyler92Double Din Resolutions As a help to others I am posting the following.. The resolution specification that is generally quoted is for the TV or DVD. Nabi is putting together a 320x240 (if I remember right that was the resolution you said you had using the tester) version of igo8 for 2Din's. On the right side of the GPS software (Car on screen), hit the word "Navigation" even though it says "Nav software not found", then what looks like an "X", then in the middle hit the right icon and scroll down to where you see the says sd Then you may be able to setup your GPS program again. hopsoid I have found that the best location for the GPS antenna is at the very rear centre of the bonnet.

Possible answers 1) I hope your SD card is not corrupt.

Sometimes when a card is being accessed by a computer system, 2Din, PNA, PDA etc.

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In that case you may need to do a full re-installation.

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