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The Play Station Portable uses the Xross Media Bar (XMB) as its graphical user interface, which is also used in the Play Station 3 (PS3) console, a variety of Sony BRAVIA HDTVs, Blu-ray disc players and many more Sony products.XMB displays icons horizontally across the screen that be seen as categories.Updates can be obtained in four ways: While system software updates can be used with consoles from any region, Sony recommends only downloading system software updates released for the region corresponding to the system's place of purchase.System software updates have added various features including a web browser, Adobe Flash Player 6 support, additional codecs for images, audio, and video, Play Station 3 connectivity, as well as patches against several security exploits, vulnerabilities, and execution of homebrew programs.There have been no more movies released on UMD since 2011, and the final Harry Potter movie was one of the final releases on the format.

If the power supply is lost while writing to the system software, the console will no longer be able to operate unless the system is booted in service mode or sent to Sony for repair if still under warranty.

Alternatively, Homebrew has allowed a custom version of the browser to be released that utilizes all 32/64 MB of the PSP's RAM, which allows the browser to load pages faster and have more memory for larger pages.

Opera Mini can also be used on PSP through PSPKVM, a homebrew application which is a Sun Java Virtual Machine.

Users may navigate among these options by using the up and down buttons of the D-pad.

The basic features offered by XMB implementations varies based on device and software version.

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