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The ports system uses fetch to download the files, which honors various environment variables, including FTP_PASSIVE_MODE, FTP_PROXY, and FTP_PASSWORD.

You may need to set one or more of these if you are behind a firewall, or need to use an FTP/HTTP proxy.

Some ports include other files, such as pkg-message.

The ports system uses these files to handle special situations.

The two methods for installing a Free BSD port are described below. Before compiling any port, be sure to have an up-to-date Ports Collection and check for security issues related to your port.

Since lsof is a program that runs with increased privileges, a security warning is shown.

During the building and installation of ports, take heed of any other warnings that may appear.

If you want more details on these files, and on ports in general, refer to the Free BSD Porter's Handbook.

The port does not include the actual source code, also known as a “distfile”.

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To avoid this when there are many dependencies, first run make config-recursive to do the configuration in one batch. It is often recommended to run make config-recursive until all dependent ports options have been defined, and ports options dialog(1) screens no longer appear, to be certain all ports options have been configured as intended. Some shells keep a cache of the commands that are available in the directories listed in the PATH environment variable, to speed up lookup operations for the executable file of these commands.

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