Updating older elementary school buildings texas

Elementary school usually begins for children aged four to seven (four if the school includes kindergarten, which is a program for children four to six years of age that serves as an introduction to school).

Other terms used to describe this initial stage of education are "primary", "grade" and "grammar" school.

They have transitioned from primary school, where instruction occurs for the most part in one classroom with one teacher, and are learning to follow schedules and find their way to different parts of the building.

The physical organization of the school needs to provide easy navigation that builds confidence without sacrificing safety and security.

These buildings should also be also good environmental citizens as they are teaching tools in and of themselves.

Community leaders, parents, and educators value schools that have a strong connection to the community.

Rain is "harvested" from the roof of this 608–student, K–5 school, and used to water the grounds and flush the toilets year round.Louvers installed in the skylight wells help control daylight levels and can be used to darken rooms when necessary.Classroom windows provide additional daylight and are protected by deep overhangs that control direct sunlight and glare.At the same time, resources for school planning, design, construction, and operation are constrained.The challenge is to build high quality schools efficiently.

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However, to reduce the total cost of owning a building while ensuring its quality, it is necessary to balance the initial design and construction costs with the cost of lighting, heating, cooling, repairing, and otherwise operating and maintaining the facility.

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