Updating nas working memory and updating processes in reading comprehension

Without knowing about either of them or giving both a good try, many find the prospect of deciding between the two Media Server solutions quite daunting. COM have complied videos and this handy guide to help you make the decision on which NAS based steaming service is right for you.

Before we really get into our guide it is worth noting that this is not a comparison to know which is BETTER, but which one is RIGHT for your setup.

In this case I’ll show you how to add a CNAME using one of the most common control panels and that’s WHM/c Panel.

To finish up we’ll want to make sure that any HTTP request the Synology receives is redirected to HTTPS and thus ensuring each time you access your Synology DSM it’s being protected by the SSL certificate.COM directly here and tell us about your ideal media setup – then our tech guys can work out the best solution for you. Plex is a proprietary software (that is to say a paid for ‘brand’), however the initial Plex software and PMS setup software are free.All media is held on a single host/server device which will need at least a mid range machine with either an x86 processor or ARM v7 CPU to handle issues like transcoding your media between devices (larger files being sent to smaller devices that require downscaling). Media is held on multiple network enabled devices and is shared throughout them between each KODI client device (smartphone, laptop, pc, tablet, NAS, etc)No big financial outlay is required at the start for a NAS, however transcoding/re-encoding of files to be accessible to host devices is done by the host device itself. MKV format that is way, way over the top for a smartphone will be required to transcode the file and have to work hard at it!As all the ‘work’ is handled by the Plex Media Server (PC/NAS) and the destination device works just as a receiver. But is ably supported on ARM devices such as lower end NAS devices and Raspberry Pi Accessing outside of your home network, though not impossible, is difficult and by no means user-friendly.Chiefly designed to give you access to media across all devices on your home network – not external access.

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Being an open-source software, you do not get the support you would from a corporate cooperated company.

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