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For example, the output voltage, the output current, and the temperature of this booster can be monitored by means of an indicator on the display for the new Central Station.Twenty built-in solenoid accessory controllers (keyboards) allow you to try out solenoid accessories in a direct, straightforward manner without entering these accessories in the Central Station.This control feature is then taken on by the Central Station during operation of the locomotives.If you like, locomotives can also be used in automatic shuttle train service with 2 endpoints and an intermediate stop.It will also be possible to activate the stop command for the locomotive and the function for brake squealing via a soft key located directly on the touch screen monitor. All Canadian consumers who purchased Central Stations from Westend Trains Inc. Depending on the quantity of Central Stations that are submitted to us at a given time, we expect to receive completed Central Stations within 5 to 6 weeks.should be sent to our store for forwarding to Mrklin Inc. We will do our best to minimize that time frame, however we are entering our busiest season, therefore the turnaround could be longer.The Mrklin digital formats for the 6021 Control Unit as well as the current mfx format are supported by this central unit.

A personal computer is therefore no longer absolutely necessary to back up individual layout data. In addition to other 60213 Central Stations as auxiliary controllers, the Mobile Station can be connected to the new Central Station, and the older 60212 Central Station and/or the 6021 Control Unit with the controllers connected to them can be connected to the new Central Station by means of special adapters. The control surface for your entire model railroad layout can therefore be tailored to your own wishes and needs.

Earlier this year Mrklin Gmb H announced a new software and hardware update for the 60212 Mrklin Central Station. In addition to the programming of routes, the update also includes a connection for the s88 feedback module to provide feedback on operating status, along with connections for digital devices of the predecessor generation, 6021 Control Unit as well as the 6015/6017 Booster.

We are now accepting Marklin 60212 Central Stations for shipment to Mrklin Inc. Furthermore, from now on the Central Station will also include push/pull train control.

Thirteen built-in route controllers (memory), each with 32 routes, can be activated manually as well as by trains by means of the s88 feedback module.

Automatic or safety circuits such as block operation, staging yard control, etc.

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