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Be aware that in illuminated globes, this movement can be restricted slightly by the cord which typically comes out of the southern axis.

What's the difference between the beige and blue colored globes? What is the difference between a Political and a Physical globe? Why do some globes have a metal ring or semi-ring around them? Why does my globe have a figure 8 in the Pacific Ocean? Globes that feature gyro-matic or full swinging meridian can spin in all directions.

Prime Meridian: Imaginary line running from pole to pole and passing through Greenwich, England.

Longitude: Imaginary lines running parallel with the prime meridian through each pole and numbered in 15 increments.

Shop a similar look"The kitchen is where we hang out and entertain," says designer Monica Bhargava of her Northern California house.

"I wanted it to feel soulful, and the Bolton lanterns take me back to the bazaar." She hung two at either end of the long room to unify the space.

Both Schoolhouse Electric fixtures are trimmed in warm brass.

Willamette pendants illuminate the island, while above the bay window, Isaac sconces focus light on the sink. Globes are measured by diameter: A straight line through the widest point of the sphere. While many non-illuminated globes can "gimble" or spin end over end along a vertical plane, most illuminated globes can only rotate the horizon ring within the stand, somewhat inhibited by the electrical cord.It reminded the designers of verdigris — the color you see on the inside of the brass lanterns."It's a classic fixture that still feels hip," designer Erika Powell says, "and you can pick a different finish for the lantern's interior — like having a pretty lining inside a handbag." The Hamilton Lanterns (in Hewn Brass with a Cape Blue interior) are based on a historic South Carolina design.

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