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Hewlett Packard has released Intel Xeon E5v3 (aka Haswell) Proliant Generation 9 server systems.Gen9 Servers are available as Rack Servers, Blades and Towers.This is usually an inconvenience more than anything else, but I wanted to see if I could script a fix in the aftermath of a couple of shares moving from one server to another at work.In my case, I wanted to update the Connect to Server server bookmarks for our local admin account.The old saying goes that software eventually works and hardware eventually fails, but these days a lot of your hardware is also software, especially in a virtualized software defined datacenter.It pays to have appropriate test systems and test plans to mitigate the risks associated with software updates and changes of all types, including infrastructure software.As you do usually when there is a new hypervisor build you upgrade VMware Tools.

If VMCI driver is removed by running VMware Tools Install again and selecting Modify and unselecting VMCI, then you will be able to close the VM.

I have been able to successfully clone from a new VM Image that has had a fresh install of Windows 2008 R2 and VMware Tools without the VMCI / NSX Guest Introspection Driver, or where VMware Tools was installed twice / installed and repaired on the same VM, when the complete option was previously selected.

This seems to be similar to what other of you have also reported.

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As part of server and storage changes, you may find that you’ve got obsolete bookmarks stored in Connect to Server‘s Favorite Servers: list.

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