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If you don't see console logs immediately, check again in 30 seconds.

To stop log streaming at anytime, type Go to the Azure portal to manage the web app you created.

In the Cloud Shell, create a resource group with the You generally create your resource group and the resources in a region near you.

When the command finishes, a JSON output shows you the resource group properties.

Generate a new database migration for the is complete, navigate to the Azure web app and test the new functionality.

In the Cloud Shell, create a server in Azure Database for My SQL (Preview) with the Note Azure Database for My SQL (Preview) doesn't currently limit connections only to Azure services.

As IP addresses in Azure are dynamically assigned, it is better to enable all IP addresses. Better methods for securing your database are planned. Later, you learn how to configure environment variables in App Service to connect to your database in Azure Database for My SQL (Preview).

In this tutorial, you learn how to: In this step, you create a database in your local My SQL server for your use in this tutorial.

In a terminal window, connect to your local My SQL server.

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While the PHP application runs in Azure App Service, you can get the console logs piped to your terminal.

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