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William James was a mariner & lived in Zion Street & his sons were either mariners or shipbuilders. I wish you happy hunting in researching your family history.Having somehow got what seems to be a family name as a middle name i.e. 330) Peter - I have been researching ANCONA of 1840 for a long time now and am slowly piecing together her story. Hutchinson who was a builder seems to have been connected with her at some stage. Forerunner was also a paddle tug, built 40 years earlier, back in 1874, by Westward Bailey & Company of Poplar in the east end of London. The tug made the journey from London to Durban, South Africa, & being, I read, 'notoriously slow' took an amazing seven months to get there!So I have added your words into the Vaux page here. It was then and there suggested by Mr Nicholson, that the structure should be henceforth called the "Gladstone Bridge," and now an iron tablet has been affixed to it, bearing the following inscription: "Gladstone Bridge, opened Oct 9 1862." This will form a pleasing memento of the right hon. 347) Found your site via Google, looking for Gladstone Bridge. Re the age of Gladstone Bridge I have a newspaper report of an inquest at which my ancestor was a witness, in 1871, and the Gladstone Bridge is referred to, in fact it is a key part of the inquest, the dead person having died on it. Youngs (I think he had a boatyard at Wisbech, further down river), hitting a leaf of the bridge and dragging it right off, and other damage. I drew a blank also re similar data for 1879 & 1882, which data is accessible via the above link. I paid a few visits to the new site, a lot of good work going on and a lot of new or previously unknown builders. Seems to me the gentleman who posted here was firing a shot across your bow, cheeky beggar. The Cressy & Randolph were built for Duncan Dunbar of London, & the Sir George Seymour for J. What I cannot find is WHO built Sir George Seymour! Should you (or anybody else for that matter) wish to write a paragraph or two about them I will gladly add it into the site. Now this site being about Sunderland, there is really no place for any vessel built elsewhere. The article that Bryan refers to is re Eppleton Hall, a 1914 paddle tug that served for many decades & made the long journey from the U. The webmaster is unable to help Bryan with his request. I have a small engineering business dating back to 1940 which has in the past supplied fuel oil heating equipment to Sunderland Shipbuilders & predecessors for use on their ships. Andrew's website reference is https://akwaugh.com/ I am glad to hear from you, Andrew, & open to the sort of material that you may be able to provide. I was not aware, Tracey, of Jonathan Shaw & William Candlish whose practice, as surgeons, was at Ayre's Quay Villa. I am glad that the Cereal listing has helped you, Neil, even if just a little. Bryan has kindly provided this image of the tug & an article that provides a little of her history.

I never could have imagined what a wealth of data is today WWW available, to help in that effort, thanks in large part to 'Google' & others, who scan old books & make them accessible to all. Now I don't have a lot about Greenwell's, but what I do have can be read here. Which sea battle took place off the Dutch coast on Oct. I have not seem mention of the family in your brilliant site. I wondered if anyone has further information about the John Ritson? A vessel which had a long life, though when that life ended is 'confused' at this moment. Listed at 283 tons from 1862/63 & 280 tons thereafter. 361) Thank you for an interesting article - I am looking for any pictures or deck plans for the Forerunner, a puddle tug boat that was similar to the Eppelton Hall. I'm currently disposing of records from our paper based files & checking, on the way, who is still around - & (mostly) who is not. If it's at all of interest let me know & any time I come across a record I'll send you info. May I suggest that you e-mail me some material that you believe would be of interest. She surely meant Greenwell's, rather than Greenwalls. Brian must surely be referring to the extensive coverage on site (here) about Jack Crawford, hero of the Battle of Camperdown. 365) I have recently learned that my ancestors lived at Ayre's Quay Villa for a number of years where Jonathan Shaw and William Candlish worked as Surgeons . I imagine they were kept busy with all the people and industry. For the present I have referred to the subject where Ayre's Quay is mentioned here. I'm pleased to have found a mention of John Ritson of Maryport (a barque built in 1848) on the entry for the barque Cereal. But let me next record for Neil Saunders such data about John Ritson as I have found this morning. And visited one of the few sites today that does not (& never will) subject a visitor to advertising, does not demand a fee for access, or demand your e-mail address. And if you have data, knowledge or imagery, related in some way to Sunderland, do be further in touch. Hopefully there will be site visitors who can come to his assistance. Probably not important enough to include on your system, but thought I'd get in touch anyway. We supplied replacement equipment to Ship 909 in 1998, for example. I must profess, however, to being unclear at this moment as to where exactly it might fit in a site that is devoted to the city of Sunderland & particularly to its shipbuilders.'Ridley' they pop up in Woolston & I guess they moved with Thomas Ridley Oswald. I have yet to prove that Noble was her builder but it does seem that at least she was built for or by G. I have notes regarding her loss on the Norfolk coast in 1870 in the Larn list.I have a document related to the mate lost in her then from a family member and about a half of a diary/log kept by crew aboard in 1847 when she went to the Brazils as they were then called.

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John mentions Royal Arch, a 333 ton barque built by Sykes, Talbot & Sykes of North Hylton, in 1868. SHIELDS GAZETTE AND DAILY TELEGRAPH, TUESDAY MAY 2, 1871THE SUSPICIOUS DEATH AT SUNDERLAND - ADJOURNED INQUESTJohn Giddens, boilersmith, Deptford was next sworn. Witness left the house [the American hotel, ie, public house] and went to where his boat was, near the Gladstone Bridge at the South Dock. Have you any information to connect the account & the accident? I checked also Lloyd's Register editions from 1878/79 thru 1882/83 & can spot no vessels named Alice owned by Youngs. I noted from your site that the Laings built Merchantman for J. As I cannot find any voyages between 1844 & 1850 is it possible that the Sir George Seymour was built like the Merchantman for J. 20, 2016 [email protected], Ted, I am unable to tell you who built Sir George Seymour.

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