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Do you really think that while I’m waiting for the ad to disappear, I’m thinking “You know, I thought I didn’t need to meet hot desperate singles in my area, which is why I clicked the X to make it go away, but that sliding-down-the-screen animation is so cool that I’m going to reload the page a couple of times, wait for the ad to come back, and then click it”? Overuse Of Demonstratives In Clickbait I understand that demonstratives (“this”, “that”, “yon”) are supposed to give you a bit of mystery, make you want to click on the article to see what’s happening. That makes it irresistable to the wrong kind of people, and it’s why I hope I start seeing less of it. I don’t want to get too heavily into this particular example, because I understand post-Zionism is complex and every time I write something about Israel I get Israeli commenters saying I’ve gotten it wrong and other Israeli commenters saying no they’ve gotten it wrong and still other Israeli commenters saying we’ve all got it wrong.

“This Celebrity Just Came Out As Gay” makes you wonder which one it is. On Vox recently, Obama Just Hit These North Koreans With Sanctions. Alternately, people could start giving their enemies the Psychological Entitlement Scale, which is so hilariously obvious with what it’s doing that I find it astounding that it apparently still manages to successfully detect some entitled people. What was that saying about “two Jews, three opinions” again?

) and we wouldn’t have to have a new “but what is post-rationalism?!?! I mean disputes among people who accept evolution, over whether it was monkeys in particular that humans evolved from. Yet for some reason the Internet seems to be obsessed with the lurking fear that someone, somewhere, might be saying that people evolved from monkeys or chimps.

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And the price of dogecoin is down an order of magnitude from its peak last February. But in the hopes that this is the first success of many, I would like to share some things I want to stop seeing on the Internet in 2015: 1.

This bothers me the same way that “debunked” bothers me.

Nowadays all the cool people have moved on to more exciting things,” which I don’t think really adds to the argument. ” Everything about this conversation is not-even-wrong. Here’s a primatologist saying that Apes Are Monkeys – Deal With It.

Zionism versus anti-Zionism suggests a picture of two sides with two different opinions – which seems to match the reality pretty well. First, humans clearly evolved from monkeys in the same sense humans evolved from single-celled organisms. Third, the most recent common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees may (or may not) have been a chimpanzee.

One year ago, I wrote Ten Things I Want To Stop Seeing On The Internet In 2014.

And now it’s 2015, and I think things are getting better. I swear to God that the last time I saw the word doge, it was referring to an honest-to-God Venetian noble. It has been a concerted effort on the part of millions of people who saw doge memes on Facebook, let their fingers briefly drift towards the “share” button, and then pulled themselves back from the precipice, restrained by their better nature.

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