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Rod, CNN is better than IDF, Thanks to Freedom of Speech; unfortunately Israeli propaganda machine is filthy, and their actions are brutal in Gaza. Please set emotions aside.I know that's hard to do given the situation at hand. maybe its the "old" leadership that is rooted in this non-sense. No child must ever go through what Palestinian children are going through.

This story is going on worldwide for too long now: Palestine, Kosovo, Philiphines, Somalia, Indonesia, etc.I'm usually a news addict, but just can't it bear it right now. Great but how can there be ceasefire with a bunch of war mongers who were in gas chambers in Europe ? We sent them to the middle east and within 50 years they have been in war with every nation there. How can a cease-fire be durable if Hamas isn't even mentioned in the resolution? Killing everyone in Gaza would be an atrocity by any definition.Sorry i fail to understand the logic on how you can change a race that has been in some form of war either in Europe or in the middle east for most part of their life to have a ceasefire. There's no expectation or requirement for Israel to immediately stop her operations. Letting Hamas and their supporters escape would be a tragedy, too.My point is Extremism is an Israeli and American problem too. Why CNN accepts that much hatred and ignorance in the blogs?we Have Racist and Radical people who are far worse than fundamentalist muslims. Nobody can expect a little child in Gaza to think what he can get himself into just by sharing the zipcode with a terrorist group, when he doesn't even know what a terrorist is.

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