Three dating challenges short guys face

He weighed in: “Over time, the height difference just becomes more and more natural.

Where it may begin with awkward hugs, it’s just a process of learning to interact with that person just as you would learn to converse with them.

Many people feel more comfortable with shorter men. For life in general, it doesn't ever limit you, as in make it impossible to get any type of job or achieve any type of status or respect, but you'll be playing Life on Difficulty Mode: Hard, so to speak. Literally the first two hits on a Google search of sperm bank and size requirements prove you wrong.

While it's true that some women will still find you overall attractive if you're 5'7", it's a fact that women much prefer a guy to be tall.

And in some of our wedding pictures, you can’t even tell.

If women saw how short he is in real life, they would have a different impression of him.

Of course women prefer tall men but they will give a shorter man a chance if he can check off some of their boxes.

Would you be comfortable dating a taller woman or a shorter man?

What are some of your tips for coping with height differences in relationships?

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