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Check the lists in to see if they are listed there This lets you easily distinguish if something is a third party content or came from the Sims3 Store.Houses, worlds and Sims that you download from the Exchange or other sites are displayed as CC.If you do have any problems with this, please post in my Bad CC thread in the official Sims 3 forum.I’m checking this thread regularly and will try to help where ever I can.If so, you have probably downloaded Custom Content (CC) with a house/sim or household from the Exchange or any other third party site.This tutorial is meant to help you find the stuff and get it out of your game.Encompassing casual styles with a creative aesthetic, the Paul Smith Ivo Trainers take sports luxe to a whole new level.Boasting understated minimal vibes with a sleek silhouette and signature stripes, step up your style and do designer the right way.

Either way, you will need to do the binary-search method (aka the 50% method) to find the guilty party.CAS/Build and Buy Mode have some extra icons but the red flower that indicates cc does not display.All downloads that are installed through the launcher show as if they were bought in the Store.Does your Sim look anything like this: My Sims look horrible ?Do you have clothing, hair or objects in your game that you do not like at all and don’t remember downloading anywhere ?

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Clothing and objects without an icon are from the base game. The Store Icon was supposed to be for Store items and all other Sims3Packs should have the red flower like presented in the launcher.

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